Remedies For Damp

Condensation Remedies

  • A good level of heat should be held at all times
  • Extractor fans should be in good working order
  • Installing air vents
  • Opening windows / window vents
  • Avoiding drying damp clothes on radiators
  • Avoid gas/parathon heaters

Resolving Raising Damp Issues

  1. Walls are inspected to determine how high treatment is to be done
  2. Plaster is stripped in treatment area
  3. Walls are injected with a thixotropic hydrophilic cream creating a water repellent barrier
  4. Walls then have a membrane sheet applied
  5. Walls plastered to match exciting wall

Penetrating Damp

  • Water ingress to be confirmed and fixed
  • Any high ground above DPC to be clear or protected against wall
  • other causes can be a build up of debris in the wall cavity this then causes bridging or affectively a path for dampness to travel to inside walls.
  • This can be discovered using our borescope camera.
  • Leaking pipes/gutters are another cause.